Margot Robbie vs Emily Ratajkowski vs Ana de Armas vs Alexandra Daddario

2021.09.21 22:47 CelebBattleVoteBot Margot Robbie vs Emily Ratajkowski vs Ana de Armas vs Alexandra Daddario

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2021.09.21 22:47 Candid_Trainer_3227 How can I stop comparing myself to other young Catholics?

I don't know but I noticed some Catholics are on the first row in church, having a lot of connections to church members and priests etc.. and somewhat I felt jealous.
I tried to pray and talk to myself but somehow my eyes reveal what I try to suppress. Why am I caring so much seeing devout Catholics? Like sometimes they are a bit too much devout and somewhat it makes me feel like I don't do enough..
I hate my competition thoughts but I have them.
How can I deal with them?
I thought about starting to pray more alone, more God and me time instead of always going to masses and adoration but almost never pray at home..I felt like a hypocrite. So maybe I should do less outside and start more within myself? I don't know.
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2021.09.21 22:47 osti221179 Problem using TSNina

Hi there, this is a bit of a long post but I was just wondering if anyone has had any problems using Nina the past month or so.
I had ordered a couple of mens bags for myself from her recently after reading some reviews on reddit, that first order was great I had no trouble at all and they got delivered within a week. A week later I put in another order for a woman's bag but its been a bit of a nightmare if I'm honest. I will do a little time line. It's looking like I have lost my money so just thought I would ask on here incase it has happened with anyone else.
10 August : I sent Nina a message asking about the availability of a bag, she replied saying it was in stock so I sent off payment through wise and she confirmed payment had been received.
11 August: Everything is fine and I receive QC pictures and I confirm the bag is great and will she send out.
12 August: I get a message saying that somehow the money has been returned to me and will I resend it. I checked with transferwise and everything was still showing as transfer completed and it didn't seem possible they could resend as they only had my name not my account details to receive money with Transferwise.
12-23 August: For 11 days I keep in contact with Nina asking for a transaction number of the return transaction so I could pass it on to transferwise and ask them to look into it. I eventually got a screenshot from Nina saying they had sent the money back on the 16 August. 6 days after I had made payment. They also had sent the money back to transferwise with only my name as a reference with no account number.
23-25 August: I spent 2 days in contact with Transferwise by email and on twitter trying to locate the money, transferwise then contact me on the 25th saying they have located the money and it has been sent back again to Nina's bank on the 16th August. The reason for this is that they only put my name as a reference and no other information, transferwise had no way to identify who the funds were for with just a name so they returned it back to Nina's bank
25 August: I send over emails and the receipt from transferwise to Nina confirming the money had been sent back again, including a receipt of the transaction back to Nina's bank on the 16th August with all transaction id's and references.
27 August- 14: I thought I would give Nina time while I was away on holiday to check with her bank, She is still saying she hasn't received the money back from transferwise even though I have provided a receipt of the transaction and a copy of the email from them.
14 september: Messaged again asking if Nina can check the bank account, today 20 September Nina replied saying that her bank are still claiming the transfer never got returned from transferwise beven though I have a receipt from transferwise showing the funds returned to them.
20 September- Nina has now told me to report her bank because they are not responding to her, that will do no good as the money has been out my account for 6 weeks so it looks like i've been scammed.
Just a little warning that if you are going to use Nina i would use PayPal and pay the extra and be covered I wouldn't be using wise or doing bank transfers. I have included screenshots of the email from transferwise saying the money had been refunded to Ninas bank also the receipt with all transfer numbers and id's, also the conversation yesterday with Nina telling me to report her bank saying I have lost my money.
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2021.09.21 22:47 OhGeeBaesik Edc rv pass for sell

Selling my edc rv pass for what I got it for obo can’t go due to an upcoming back surgery that week so need to sell if interested pm for more info
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2021.09.21 22:47 SylverCypher Is it weird to talk about pro player's ages/birthdays? (for a video)

I'm considering doing a video on the ages of the NAL players. I might talk about who the older players are, who the younger players are, average and most common ages, etc. Do you guys think this would be strange? Most of the players' birthdays are publicly listed on Liquipedia, but not all of them and maybe there's a reason for that such as some players wanting their age/birthday to not be available to the public. But most of the ones not on Liquipedia I can deduce. Thoughts?
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2021.09.21 22:47 nicocun123 If Dream Had A Girlfriend

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2021.09.21 22:47 cupofpuddin "Take my sister out of the closet"

Seven years ago my older sister passed away, She unfortunately took her own life. Her passing was extremely difficult on my family especially my mother who my siblings and I are very close with. There is nothing worse in life than trying to hold and comfort your mother while watching her world crumble and burn while you yourself are dealing with your own trauma because I was the one who found her body that day. Two weeks after her death, she was cremated and her ashes was divided three ways, Some went to my Dad (my parents have been divorced since I was 5) Some went into a urn for my brother, Mom and I and the rest went into a necklace for my mom. My mom and brother asked me if I wanted some of her ashes, but part of me thought that if I kept them, she wouldn't be completely free. So I choose not to keep some. About a year later my brother is living in Oregon with his girlfriend Ingrid . My mom deicide to let my brother have my sister's ashes until he decides to moved back to our hometown. One day while they are rearranging their room, my brother who always kept my sister's ashes on a dresser by his bed, put them in the closet so they didn't knock it over while they are moving furniture. That night around 2am Ingrid said she had trouble staying asleep while my brother was knocked out beside her. She said she was laying there for about 10 minutes when out of nowhere she hears my brother mumbling something. Thinking he is awake, She turns on the light and sees that he is fast asleep. After a few minutes of looking at him and being slightly creeped out by his sleep talking, she turns off the light and lays back down. Another 10 minutes go by when out of nowhere and clear as day she hears my brother say ''take my sister out of the closet, she doesn't like it in there''. She says she froze and was scared to turn on the light for the second time. She says she just lays there for a moment before gathering up the courage to turn on the light. To her surprise she sees that my brother is completely asleep and drooling a little. She said her eyes immediately look at the closet that is closed. She says she gets up and opens the closet and sees my sisters urn on the shelf. She takes the urn and places it on the dresser where it was before they put it into the closet. The next day when she is telling this story to my mom, she says that morning she asked my brother if he remembers anything about last night, to which he replies "no, I don't even remember falling asleep''. Later that day while my mom is at work, she is telling her Co worker this story and the coworker says that when you keep someone's ashes you are supposed to keep them somewhere people gather like a living room. Since this incident, my brother now keeps my sister's ashes in his living room in a beautiful urn on a shelf next to her picture with a candle that is always lit (Electronically lol). A few years before she passed, she and I would watch ghost adventures religiously and we vowed that when one of us passes away first, that person would haunt the shit out of the other. I find it funny that she used my brother to scare the shit out of his girlfriend who didn't know of our agreement from years before.
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2021.09.21 22:47 No_Apartment966 Just got rejected...

I told a girl that I like that's she's cute and she said she's not interested. Damn it
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2021.09.21 22:47 aeontifa seriously??

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2021.09.21 22:47 _user13_ Seiko [Srpb51]

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2021.09.21 22:47 SunkissedBlondie Pleaseeee help me find Holly Madison's cute pink top!!! She said it came with a bikini from Amazon.

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2021.09.21 22:47 cmrnbrd Changing from twist shifters to trigger shifters.

I’m new to cycling and really just have a basic bike. I currently have twist gear shifters which I’m starting to really dislike.
I have a SunRun 3 speed front derailleur and SunRun 6 speed rear derailleur.
Do I have options for this upgrade? I’m not entirely sure on compatibility, if it matters other than making sure that it’s 3x6
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2021.09.21 22:47 Glass_Location_3316 Am I reading too much into this? Tinder situation with a girl I knew. We’re both 24. I’m M.

Ok so. I knew this girl thru work. I had reason to believe she liked me a lil cause things got mildly flirtatious. And just body language and the way we’d laugh really hard at each other’s jokes etc. Anyways came across her on Tinder and swiped right. Normally I don’t swipe right on girls if I have their number cause I’d rather just shoot my shot like that but because she was a coworker I was tryna tread carefully for obvious reasons.
Her friend was a supervisor at this job and me and the friend had a couple arguments at work. Never disrespected each other. It was mostly just miscommunication and weird stuff and we apologized to each other both times.
Anyways me and the girl I liked never matched but I went to the page where you can see likes you’ve already sent. And her bio was changed to something like “just looking for someone who gets along with my friends and we vibe well” or something weird like that. Super weird thing to include in a Tinder bio, like that’s my first time ever seeing someone mention that but also she had no reason to believe I’d ever see her page again.
Am I crazy or… was it a shot at me lmfao. I know it sounds kinda wild and I feel silly typing it but wtf lol.
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2021.09.21 22:47 egplain 06 passat 2.0T Is something missing?

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2021.09.21 22:47 swedaaa THE MOON, link photo in question: just look at the photos, unfortunately I didn't know how to insert them here

Like it or not in the Apollo 11 mission, which took place on July 20, 1969, the astronauts saw something and this is what they saw. Robert O'Dean was a soldier in the US Army and is discharged after 28 years of service with the rank of sergeant major, he managed in the last years of his career to have access to information of the Top Secret cosmic level which is for the moment. NATO's highest level of classification. After his discharge he devoted himself to ufology. These photos date back to July 20, 1969 and were disclosed by Major Robert O'Dean, they are photos taken on the Moon 50 years ago and kept Top Secret for 30 years; and this is what the major declared 10 years ago at a press conference in Barcelona:
"I led the troops in Korea in 1951, in one of the bloodiest wars we have ever fought, I recovered intelligence information in Southeast Asia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laox in 1970. Forgive me for deviating from the script again, kind translator ... Last week my nation celebrated 40 years since the Apollo 11 moon landing, they were very proud, remembering what they managed to do. But what the American public has never been told is that NASA has deliberately deleted 40 rolls of films about the Apollo landing. The secret of the story is what we found when we arrived on the lunar soil. We found overwhelming evidence that we are not alone in the universe, all of this was recorded. Now you can understand because the 4 rolls containing the films have been deleted, but luckily not all the photos have disappeared. There were honest people at the time working at NASA and some of the photos are above lived. I have brought a considerable number of NASA photos that I will share with you tomorrow evening. But I will say to you, as I would have said to my fellow Americans: damn it, you should know the truth. "
European Exopolitics Summit Barcelona, ​​25 July 2009
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2021.09.21 22:47 LoanWolf888 MBTA Green Line operator accelerated at full-power prior to July crash, NTSB finds
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2021.09.21 22:47 new2cincy The STRUGGLE is ReaL!!! Anyone else ever have problems opening these boxes?!? Lmao

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2021.09.21 22:47 BMW_WallyWally Good deal for a 2010 Camry? First time car buyer here!

Good deal for a 2010 Camry? First time car buyer here! Friend works at this place and can give me a sick discount, is this a good price for this? Also I am a first time car buyer, how long will this car last me on this much mileage?
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2021.09.21 22:47 BlackAndroid18 What is list of all javascript functions (Array, booleans, error, global, )xss payload and how to exploit them?

I want to start testing eval("al"+"ert"),String.fromCharCode(72), stringunescape(), decodeURIComponent(), and other JavaScript function with other type of xss payload.
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2021.09.21 22:47 Odlavso Kodak will not be beat!

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2021.09.21 22:47 Seromelhor Twitter e Google dizem que ordens de Moraes contra bolsonaristas são desproporcionais e podem ser censura prévia. Plataformas se manifestaram no inquérito aberto a pedido da PGR para investigar bolsonaristas envolvidos no atos do 7 de setembro

Twitter e Google dizem que ordens de Moraes contra bolsonaristas são desproporcionais e podem ser censura prévia. Plataformas se manifestaram no inquérito aberto a pedido da PGR para investigar bolsonaristas envolvidos no atos do 7 de setembro submitted by Seromelhor to brasil [link] [comments]

2021.09.21 22:47 clip_mirror_bot Forsen Pagman comp gameplay

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2021.09.21 22:47 pwsiegel What's the best way to add garlic flavor to broccoli?

I like my broccoli crunchy and with maximum garlic flavor. The way I make it currently is to add a little water and the broccoli to a pan, cover it, and turn up the heat for a few minutes so that it steams until it reaches the right texture, and then throw in some minced garlic (and a little salt) and briefly stir fry. I do like it this way, but I feel like I'm not getting enough bang for my buck in terms of garlic flavor - it's all in whatever bits of garlic stick to the broccoli, rather than seeping into the florets like you get at some restaurants.
Any tips? The recipe above doesn't include any oil or butter, but that's not a requirement - if adding a little fat helps me amp up the garlic flavor then it's worth it.
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2021.09.21 22:47 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.21 22:47 l_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_l (+1631) Mark 10:13-16

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